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DezPhonics began in 2000 in the home of a retired Coast Guardsmen turned elementary school teacher, Geoff Porter, as a way to help his then six year old son who struggled with reading. The lessons he developed was base on his many years as a teacher. He also used past reading programs failures his school used as a guide to not used in the development of his lessons. This was valuable insight since he has first hand knowledge of what works and what doesn't work. He also wanted to create something simple, effective, fun, and educational.

After using the lessons, his son struggled less and soon was reading several grade levels higher with more fluency. Encouraged by his son's results, he wanted to see if his system could help other children so he began using it in his 1st grade class. The students who was using Dezphonics showed an increased in fluency and reading comprehension over students who did not use Dezphonics. Seeing first hand the results Dezphonics brought, Geoff refined it further and taught his second son and within 3 months, his son was reading at a 3rd grade level when he started kindergarten.

Geoff has created a unique reading system that can help kids improve their reading and fluency. Geoff named his reading system Dezphonics, a combination of the school where he works and the word "Phonetics". Since its creation, Dezphonics has been transformed from a pen and paper program to a web base interactive system with countless refinements, tuning, and enhancements. Currently, the staff is working very hard to fulfil requests for Dezphonics all over world.

Dezphonics Lesson Screenshots